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Nonstick coatings, or release coatings, allow easy release of food, rubber, adhesives, or other media from cookware, bakeware, electrical appliances, molds, shafts, plungers, spindles, conveyor parts, fuser rollers, surgical devices, clothing, fabrics, building surfaces (anti-graffiti), ship hulls, and other process equipment. Nonstick coatings are also known as anti-stick coatings, slip coatings, slick coatings, repellents, and release coatings.

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Required Process:Manual loading of six (6) grips; screw tightening to depth only – vertical from top down; verify screw assemblies were OK or NOT OK - if needed grips will be sorted into a reject container – automatic unloading onto a conveyor leading to the packaging station.
This manual, hand-guided, Multi-Spindle Screwdriving System was designed and manufactured for the assembly of individual parts on a truck engine.

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