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Low-pass filters (LPF) pass signals from low frequencies and reject signals from high frequencies. Like other types of active filters, they use active components to shape and stabilize the behavior of the filter, and to serve as a buffer interface for the driven component. There are two basic classes of active low-pass filters: switched capacitor and continuous. Each type of device is available with first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth filter order. Switched capacitor filters are clocked devices. The input signal is sampled at a high rate and processed discretely instead of on a continuous-time basis. Continuous low-pass filters have a continuous time operation.

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Duncan Instruments Canada, Ltd.
•Combines all electrical tests required by MCS and IEC 62446 •Memory for up to 200 records •USB download to PC •Single key testing and measurement •Safe test connection with energised PV array
Due to increasing concerns about product recalls, counterfeit devices, and patient safety, the FDA has started the process of developing a Unique Device Identification System in regards to most medical devices. While medical cords are not classified as a medical device by the FDA, at Interpower we can provide serial numbers on medical cords per your specific requirements.

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