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Nonstick coatings, or release coatings, allow easy release of food, rubber, adhesives, or other media from cookware, bakeware, electrical appliances, molds, shafts, plungers, spindles, conveyor parts, fuser rollers, surgical devices, clothing, fabrics, building surfaces (anti-graffiti), ship hulls, and other process equipment. Nonstick coatings are also known as anti-stick coatings, slip coatings, slick coatings, repellents, and release coatings.

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Air Logic
Air Logic manufactures subminiature precision snap-action switches that interface from pressure or vacuum signals to electrical control circuits. The snap-action electrical switch provides a positive and reliable response. The extremely short stroke and small volume permit fast response making it ideal for precise pressure and vacuum sensing.
Celera Motion
Celera Motion’s Veratus Series encoders are built using VeraPath™ optical encoder technology from MicroE, delivering best-in-class reliability, signal stability and dirt immunity in a compact feature-packed package.

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