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Year Published:1985


Package-handling conveyors are a broad classification of materials handling equipment sometimes referred to as "unit-handling conveyors" or "on-floor conveyors." They may be described as equipment for conveying a definable shape such as a carton, pallet, or casting. The load is usually placed directly on the conveyor, which is why the relationship between the load and the conveying surface is very important.

In this section, a basic understanding of the types of package-handling conveyors is covered, including how to select the proper type of conveyor, how to apply the conveyor, and how to maintain the conveyor. Emphasis is given to the information necessary to make these evaluations and to the information that is critical to success.

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Temwell Corporation / Temstron Co., Ltd.
TEMSTRON announced Band Stop Filter for blocking interference of LTE & GSM channel signals. SMA-female, 50ohm, total 14 Channels bands spec for reference. More like VHF UHF, UMTS, WCDMA, WLAN band stop can supply. Further custom design can be evaluated. Please email with your desired specs and quantities to us. We provide FREE consulting serv...

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