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When the Philips Medical Systems division of Royal Philips Electronics introduced its HeartStart defibrillator in 2002, it was among the first low-cost, mass-market units designed for ordinary, untrained users. It received attention and plaudits due to its small size (a little bigger than a large hardcover book), light weight (2.1 kg/4.6 pounds) and ease of use, with prompts delivered by a soothing human voice.

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This American national standard establishes minimum performance and use requirements for eyewash and shower equipment for persons who have been exposed to hazardous materials.

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Posted: 3/29/15 in Software & Programming
How to delete data permanantly that no data recovery software will recover or find it to recover back. Is there any software for such purpose?
Posted: 3/27/15 in General Discussion
Hi ! although it may sound silly, I need to go back in time and get a recipe for making a fly trap. Short story: I got some pineapples at the supermar...
Posted: 3/29/15 in Electrical Engineering
Dear All, I've recently watched one of Mike Holt's videos regarding grounding and it surprised me. I was a nice video, though. I had in mind that the...

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Omtec Corporation
Omtec's first economical ESD workstation conforms to the new class zero & RoHs requirements. All ESD workbenches come with a ground cord, wrist strap, Ultimat™ I table mat, adjustable +-3" height, and 2000# capacity.
R. S. Hughes Company, Inc.
Enter the world of Efficient, Cost Effective, Affordable 3M Case Sealing with the 3M matic adjustable a20 case sealer. For a limited time get a case sealer and your first case of tape for only $2749.00, a savings of over $1200.00. Box more, ship more and shorten fulfillment time with the 3M a20 Matic Case Sealer. Call 1-877-774-8443 or visit rshughes.com to get yours today.

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  • Apr 7, 2015
    Oak Ridge, Tenn.

    The 10th Annual Cyber and Information Security Research Conference at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tenn., will bring together cyber security researchers, program managers, decision makers, security vendors, and practitioners to discuss many challenging tasks and novel solutions pertaining to cyber security.