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The concept of exploit is central to computer security, particularly in the context of memory corruptions. Yet, in spite of the centrality of the concept and voluminous descriptions of various exploitation techniques or countermeasures, a good theoretical framework for describing and reasoning about exploitation has not yet been put forward.

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The 2017 ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code will be released this July.

Hosted by IHS Markit, ASME leaders discuss key changes to the 2017 edition of the Code.

As an operator, stamp holder, inspector, engineer, quality and other technical professional, you rely on immediate access to the latest information to help ensure safety and compliance. Learn how the changes in the 2017 edition may affect you.

Registrants to the 2017 ASME BPVC Key Changes webcast will also receive first release of the IHS Markit 2017 ASME BPVC Fact Book – packed with critical information about key changes, frequently asked questions, related standards and engineering knowledge and more.

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We've got this framed 8X10 color glossy that was in storage for over 5 years, in a box apparently under some amount of weight. Somehow, the glass was...
Posted: 1/15/18 in Mechanical Engineering
I am the Technical Partner for O’Michael Studios, Inc; we are steel sculpture fabrication company. I have a straight forward question that I nee...

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National Bulk Equipment, Inc.
Product Recovery System Provides Automated and Controlled Removal of Packaged Dry Contents From Packaging; Reduces Material Loss, Improves Sustainability Metrics

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