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The combination of force and flexibility enables controlled and soft movements. In sharp contrast, presently used machines are solid and mostly based on stiff driveshafts or cog wheels.

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AMS2430T covers the requirements for automatic shot peening of surfaces of parts by impingement of media, including metallic, glass, or ceramic shot.

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Posted: 3/02/15 in Transportation
ii drove all day and stopped at the gas station and put 20$ worth of gas in and tried to go home but wouldnt start my step dad came to help and got it...
Posted: 3/02/15 in Electrical Engineering
I don't know if I've forgotten or never learned what is meant by the two terms. I believe that I understand how a starting capacitor is used with an i...
Posted: 3/05/15 in General Discussion
How can Pounds be abbreviated like this "lbs". ( Do we read "ealvbies" => pounds ) Can I complain? Why is this so hard and confusing. Any bright h...

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Polyguard Products, Inc.
Alumaguard is an exterior membrane for weather proofing and vapor proofing both duct systems and piping systems. Its proprietary self-healing rubberized asphalt compound and strong foil faced exterior film makes it the perfect weather proofing jacket for your system.
Acoustiblok, Inc.
Flexible Acoustiblok-Wallcover material is approximately 5/16 of an inch thick and is available in 4" by 8" sections. Acoustiblok-Wallcover tranforms sound energy into mechanical friction energy creating a unique sound barrier on any wall. Made in the USA, and based on our core Acoustiblok product, the product is easily installed by a team of three people.

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  • Mar 9, 2015
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    For 28 years, the IHS International LPG Seminar & Workshops has been a leading gathering of LPG industry decision makers from around the globe. Join industry peers for an in-depth market analysis and coverage of the most important issues facing the International LPG / NGL industry today, including the impacts of increased production and exports of ethane and naphtha due to the continued dramatic growth of shale oil and gas development in the US and Canada.