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The combination of force and flexibility enables controlled and soft movements. In sharp contrast, presently used machines are solid and mostly based on stiff driveshafts or cog wheels.

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AMS2430T covers the requirements for automatic shot peening of surfaces of parts by impingement of media, including metallic, glass, or ceramic shot.

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Posted: 2/25/15 in Mechanical Engineering
Hello, I work in facility maintenance and some engineering co workers have set me on a challenge to discover what this tools purpose is. It is comple...
Posted: 2/23/15 in General Discussion
I've used enough microwaves over the years to know what is "normal" - and this isn't. Every time I used it, the interior accumulates loads of water. T...
Posted: 2/22/15 in General Discussion
Does anyone out there have comprehensive plans and specifications for making a Vortex tube that works? Sure I can buy one but I would rather build it...

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Solaronics, Inc.
Solaronics Gas-Fired High-Intensity Infrared Heaters provide instant heat on demand reaching temperature in less than a minute. Save up to 75% in energy costs. STK-Series two-stage heaters aim for desired comfort level at a lower energy cost without "overshooting". K-Series single-stage and STK-Series heaters are excellent for space and spot heating in commercial and industrial bu...
Solaronics, Inc.
Solaronics' True Dual Two-Stage Heavy-Duty Gas-Fired Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters save an additional 10-15% in energy costs when compared to a conventional single stage infra-red heater. They provide precise air to gas ratios at both the high- and low-heat stages for optimum efficiency. Excessive overheating is prevented and a softer, more stable and comfortable environment is ma...

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  • Mar 4, 2015

    IHS Engineering360 kicks off its research series with an exclusive survey assessing innovation and its role in engineering product design worldwide. This in-depth survey seeks to reveal insights into the process of innovation, the role that increasingly global design teams play in that process and the effects of innovation on corporate performance goals.

    This webinar will present exclusive survey findings, identify trends involving design teams, offer insights into current innovative design projects and describe management and customer attitudes toward innovative design approaches.