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This paper introduces the concept and principles of hyperspectral imaging (HSI) and it briefly outlines how the defence and homeland security sectors can benefit from the application of this extremely versatile technology.

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TIA-222 G provides the requirements for the structural design and fabrication of new structural antennas, antenna-supporting structures, mounts, structural components and foundations as well as the modification of existing ones.

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Posted: 1/19/15 in Transportation
I have driven and owned many vehicles in my life and have always had the windshield wipers go bad on the drivers side and leave streaks at the most in...
Posted: 1/20/15 in General Discussion
I want to share data from my old laptop to new laptop. Both have a WI-FI. Is there easy way to copy date one to another without connection via cable.
Posted: 1/21/15 in General Discussion
If the balls used in the afc championship were filled and tested indoors at 70 degrees then brought out to the field at 35 degrees would there be any...

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Ross Optical Industries
Don't think you need to redesign or settle now that Rolyn Optics has gone out of business. Ross Optical carries many of the Rolyn standard optical parts that you rely on. Click here for a list that shows one-to-one match-ups of Rolyn Optics part numbers (PN) to ours. Simply find your Rolyn part number and add it to a quote. Bonus: We will match the price of your old Rolyn...
Chroma Technology Corp.
Chroma Technology is well known for optical filters for fluorescence. We offer 3 types of coatings including sputtering, e-beam and resistive (soft coating). Capabilities range from 200nm through N-IR.

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  • Feb 4, 2015

    Hear the latest findings from IHS research on market trends affecting the human machine interface (HMI) market for industrial applications, including software development to support new HMI systems, panel PC displays and interfaces, advances in mobility and issues related to reliability and security.