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High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters and ultra-low particulate air (ULPA) filters are air filters designed to trap a vast majority of very small particulate contaminants from an air stream.

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Posted: 3/23/17 in Manufacturing
I am working at a company manufacturing knives using SS420-J2 grade material. After stamping knife blades, we do heat treatment of the same before gri...
Posted: 3/21/17 in General Discussion

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Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments
TDHI is glad to announce the launch of the TD-120 oil in water monitor. Available now for immediate delivery, the TD-120 is ideal for detection of oil leaks and spills in heat exchangers, boilers, and membrane systems as well as optimization of water treatment systems. For more information please contact us at sales@oilinwatermoni tors.com or visit our webpage at www.oilinwatermoni...

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