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This paper introduces the concept and principles of hyperspectral imaging (HSI) and it briefly outlines how the defence and homeland security sectors can benefit from the application of this extremely versatile technology.

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This specification covers the general requirements for steel sheet in coils and cut lengths. It applies to the existing specifications that describe carbon steel, structural steel, and high-strength, low-alloy steel (HSLA) furnished as hot-rolled sheet and cold-rolled sheet.

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Posted: 10/26/14 in Civil Engineering
I need to build a 40 ft long pedestrian suspension bridge capable of supporting 600 lbs at its center point. The maximum ht above the ground will be a...
Posted: 10/25/14 in Mechanical Engineering
Hello everyone! I apologize for not being an engineer, however I do raise cattle. haha. I have some ceiling fans in my barns that I am wanting to rai...
Posted: 10/29/14 in Electrical Engineering
I know of a watermill, now converted to a smallish up-market hotel; with guests and staff, about 25 people. The millstream - now unused - provides an...

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M&I Materials Limited
MIDEL TV hosts short videos of transformer fluid experts discussing the benefits of using ester-based dielectric fluids as a fire safe, environmentally friendly alternative to mineral oil. The videos provide information about how esters are made, the different types available - synthetic and natural (vegetable oil), their benefits and the suitable transformer applications.
Majestic Transformer Co.
Majestic transformers in this range are suitably protected by a sheet metal case. They are normally wall mountable up to 2250VA and floor standing above this rating. Many requirements are for isolation and/or conversion of three phase machines, or creation of a neutral where none is available. Our standard cases are IP33 but we can supply up to IP66 if required, usually with little or no...

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