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Part 1:

The basic part number of an AAA valve is fairly simple to understand. The first part is both an operator style and

valve operation. This position describes not only how the valve shifts positions but also what shifts the spool.

Part 2:

The second portion is the valve port size and body style. This portion describes whether the valve is a threaded side

ported body or a bottom bored subplate body.

Part 3:

The third part of the part number structure is the spool configuration. Normally only needed on three position valves,

the spool configuration defines the flow at center position. You can have a spool other than the standard "Closed Center"

on two position valves; however, the transitional flow is normally not needed for most applications.

Part 4:

The fourth position of the part number structure is used to specify valve options. You can specify different handle orientations,

lockout or detents by choosing options available for the valve configuration you need.

Part 5:

The final position allows you to specify different O-rings used in the main valve body. You choose the O-ring most

suited for your application. This specification applies to the body O-rings only.

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