Are your safety devices installed correctly?

Product Announcement from ABB Low Voltage Products & Systems

Are your safety devices installed correctly?-Image

Safety Devices have a fixed amount of time it takes to react to a demand of the safety function which is compounded with the more controls you use, i.e. a Light Curtain, a Safety Relay, switching contactors, etc.

Due to the tolerance stack up of these devices, it may be possible to reach through the Light Curtain and reach the hazard before the machine has stopped.

By installing safety on the machine and not knowing the "true" stop time, you may be exposed to more danger than if you did not have any safety at all. Improperly installed safety devices give a false sense of security.

Smart Stop Time Analyzer calculates the stop time of the machine and provides the minimal safe distance calculation and reports with just a click of a button. More Information

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