Build a Leaner Panel with Tmax Circuit Breakers

Product Announcement from ABB Low Voltage Products & Systems

Build a Leaner Panel with Tmax Circuit Breakers-Image

ABB's line of Tmax Molded Case Circuit Breakers are up to 30% smaller and offer the best performance to size ratio on the market. Installable accessories that are shared across multiple products reduce inventory carrying costs and increase end-user flexibility. All Tmax circuit breakers are individually tested at the factory, ensuring you don't have to rebuild your panels due to a quality issue. The Tmax line can be supported in over 100 countries worldwide, and come with the required worldwide certifications that allow you to standardize on one design to serve all markets. Reduction of panel size, lower inventory costs, avoided downtime, and global standardization make Tmax Molded Case Circuit Breakers a lean solution for your panel designs.

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