Maximize Safety w/ Patented Panelboard Technology

Product Announcement from ABB Low Voltage Products & Systems

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Maximize safety with patented panelboard technology, independently certified IP touch safe rating

ABB’s ProLine product is the only panelboard to be independently certified per Ingress Protection (IP) guidelines, making it the safest UL67 panelboard available in the industry. The ProLine Panelboard completely isolates the operator during installation and maintenance, eliminating the chance of human exposure to any energized components. In addition to the inherent safety design, ProLine reduces the risk of arc flash because branch and main breakers are selectively coordinated and current-limiting. With the increased scrutiny of OSHA and local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs), the ProLine product provides a valuable feature to end users demanding the safest possible electrical components to protect workers from shock, arc-flash and arc-blast hazards while doing electrical installation and maintenance work. More Information

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Watch Video: "Proline Panelboard IP2X Certification Testing"
Download Whitepaper: "Breaker Coordination: What you really need to know"
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