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Reduce Downtime with Multistage Surge Protector-Image

The OVR NE12 enclosed SPDs reduce downtime by protecting valuable equipment from transient surges due to lightning strikes and surges from upstream equipment and utility load switching. As a multistage protector, the OVR NE12 has fast acting metal oxide varistors (MOV) and noise attenuation filter (EMI/RFI) to limit overvoltage. These devices are easy to install and maintain due to the MOV modules that can be replaced without rewiring, and have the ability to quantify protection level and track the number of surges. One customer in the aggregates industry was able to save over $100,000 in one year in equipment replacement costs and lost revenue due to downtime by installing an ABB OVR NE12 SPD. When uptime is a critical element of a facility or operation, ABB's OVR NE12 enclosed SPD is the ideal solution.

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