The Next Level of Arc Flash Protection

Product Announcement from ABB Low Voltage Products & Systems

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ABB's new TVOC-2 Arc Guard System protects equipment and personnel from dangerous arcs, and prolongs the life-cycle of equipment. The Arc Guard System is a safety device that detects faults in low and medium voltage switchgear. It clears an arc within an extremely short time, which reduces the energy in the arc so that personal injury and equipment damage are kept to a minimum. As legal and regulatory requirements increase, old equipment soon becomes out-of-date. Arc Guard System can help increase equipment safety and thereby prolong its life-cycle. The Arc Guard System is user-friendly and easy to install. The system is flexible, with mounting options on a DIN-rail or directly on a panel wall on both new installations and old switchgear in need of prolonged life. As your system grows, the Arc Guard System can be easily extended to meet your needs.

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