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High Power Multi Purpose IGBT Transistor Switches

Product Announcement from 5S Components

High Power Multi Purpose IGBT Transistor Switches-Image

The ABB HiPak from 5S Components is the ideal IGBT for general industrial applications that require a high power pulse of short duration. Equipped with ultra low-loss resistance capabilities and smooth switching, rugged, surge protection chip-set; these gate drivers are perfect in situations where good electromagnetic compliance (EMC) is critical.

Also equipped with a high insulation package to effectively insulate the input voltage from the output voltage, the ABB HiPak works well in critical systems such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Aerospace
  • Power Generation
  • ...to name just a few

Maximum Rated Values:

  • Collector-emitter voltage - 6500V
  • DC collector current - 750A
  • Peak collector curent - 1500A
  • Gate-emitter voltage - 20V
  • Total power dissapation - 9500W
  • DC forward current - 750A
  • Peak forward current - 1500A
  • Surge current - 8000A

Give 5S components a call today to discuss your high power transistor switch needs!