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Coordinant Measurement Machines Simulator -Image

The underlying simulation and visualization technology (from AC&E's Softmachine) is robust and field-tested on some of the world's most demanding simulation applications such as automotive and aerospace industries. It works from the actual program produced for the real CMM.

Cmmsimulator is an innovative approach to simulation of Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM). It combines full 3-D realistic representation of the CMM, the inspection part and detailed fixtures within a single simulation.

Cmmsimulator is able to:

  • Increase departmental productivity by speeding up critical metrology stages
  • Provide smooth operation, accurately reflecting CMM Native commands
  • Significantly reduces CMM programming errors
  • Facilitate program improvements and enhancements at an early stage
  • Offer highly visual simulations with full 3D capabilities
  • Generate interactive 3D movies to show colleagues and customers

Cmmsimulator Eagle Eye, developed with the full co-operation of Zeiss Measurement Systems, allows metrology programs to be run through Cmmsimulator - Eagle Eye to be quickly verified as if using the real CMM. The highly visual results allow users to quickly make any necessary edits to 'fine tune' the program. This is essential because the Eagle Eye head is moving in 3D space and needs to operate within certain limits to be effective. uses an intuitive GUI and accurate command set definition.

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