Injection Current Probes

Product Announcement from A.H. Systems Inc.

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Injection Current Probes are used to inductively couple large RF currents into conductors passing through their aperture. The conductors are signal, control and power circuits of equipment under test for conducted susceptibility or immunity. Typical specifications requiring the use of injection probes are: · DO-160 · EN-50081-1 · IEC 801-6 · TR-EOP-000063

The purpose of the test is to determine that RF signals in the range of 10 KHz to 400 MHz, when coupled onto conductors and cable bundles will not cause failure or degradation of their circuit performance. Bundles of wires will be tested with the injection current probes clamped around all wires. If primary power wires utilize the same connector as control and signal lines, they will be included in the test. Every primary power wire will be tested as a single circuit. If they are contained within a bundle, they will be separated and tested. Aircraft flight safety critical equipment will have their wires tested individually for compliance to DO-160.

The A.H. Systems' series of Injection Current Probes offer a wide operating frequency range of 10 kHz to 1000 MHz. The geometry of the probes optimize coupling to the circuit under test. Each probe comes with an N-type connector.

Recommended accessories for the Injection Current Probes (items not shown) are: CPF-530 (Current Probe Fixture) CPF-531 (Current Probe Fixture) CPF-532 (Current Probe Fixture) SAC-213 (3 meter N/N Cable, RG-58A/U

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