ALMATEC F - Series pneumatic diaphragm pumps

Product Announcement from ALMATEC Maschinenbau GmbH

ALMATEC F - Series pneumatic diaphragm pumps -Image

Pumps for the printing and paper industry have to meet definite requirements. The pneumatic diaphragm pumps of the ALMATEC F-Series have been developed especially for applications with glues, flexo-print inks, and UV-varnishes.

ALMATEC pneumatic diaphragm pumps of the F-Series are available in two sizes (F 10 and F 20) with max. capacities of 600 resp. 1200 l/h.

The special design includes two separated liquid chambers as well as an integrated pulsation damper, so the pumps provide delivery as well as re-delivery. No second pump is required.

Example flexo-print ink: Ink is transported to the printing machine via the delivery chamber. The second chamber of the pump can be used as an extractor pump. Ink not needed can be sucked from the doctor chamber back to the supply container.

F-Series pumps meet the ATEX requirements of the directive 94/9/EG.

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