A-Series Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps

Product Announcement from ALMATEC Maschinenbau GmbH

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ALMATEC's A-Series made of plastic has been developed on the basis of extensive experience in the production of pneumatic diaphragm pumps and offers numerous advantages meeting market requirements.

Six sizes with max. delivery volumes of

  • 0,6 m³/h (A 08)
  • 1,2 m³/h (A 10)
  • 3 m³/h (A 15)
  • 6 m³/h (A 25)
  • 18 m³/h (A 40)
  • 32 m³/h (A 50)

make it possible to choose exactly the right pump for the specific application.

A variety of materials is available for the A-Series pumps:

  • Housing - PE, PE conductive, PTFE, PTFE conductive
  • Diaphragms - EPDM, PTFE/EPDM
  • Ball valves - EPDM, PTFE, stainless steel
  • Cylinder valves - PE, PTFE

A-Series pumps made of PE conductive and PTFE conductive meet the ATEX requirements of the directive 94/9/EG.

Further features of the A-Series at a glance:

  • only three housing parts made of the same material
  • connections in the solid center housing
  • three alternative port configurations
  • with ball or cylinder valves
  • same internal structure for both valve types
  • patented maintenance-free air control system PERSWING P® without dead center
  • composite diaphragms with integrated metal core
  • no diaphragm discs
  • integrated carrying handle
  • proof against dry running and overloading
  • self-priming
  • insensitive to solids (ball valve versions)
  • gentle displacement
  • can be infinitely controlled via the air volume
  • no drives, no rotating parts, no shaft seals
  • unattended operation with long service life
  • compact solid design
  • easy to start up
  • integrated muffler
  • recessed tie rods with spring washers
  • vibration dampers with female thread on the underside for simple direct installation
  • low noise levels
  • optional features meeting requirements:
    • screw-on pulsation damper
    • back flushing system
    • barrier chamber system
    • diaphragm monitor
    • stroke counting
    • flange connection

For full details and specifications, click the following link:

A-Series Pneumatic Diaphragm Pumps