Boost Natural Gas w/Magnetic Drive Regen. Blowers

Product Announcement from Ametek Dynamic Fluid Solutions

Rotron® "MD 101" magnetic-drive regenerative blowers are designed to boost natural gas in furnaces for manufacturing operations. They employ regenerative air technology to develop proper air pressures and vacuums for the boost function without the higher energy and maintenance costs associated with larger multi-stage or positive air-displacement blowers and compressors.

These hermetically designed seal-less blowers have been engineered for continuous operation and extended service life. Blowers are clean, oil-free, and quiet (within OSHA standards). They can achieve maximum flows up to 29 SCFM; pressures up to 25 IWG; and vacuums up to 23 IWG. Voltage is 115 VAC with 24 VDC option.

Standard motors are 0.25HP TEFC or XP with the capability for users to upgrade horsepower and/or optimize motors for chemical duty, high efficiency, inverter duty, or industry-specific designs.

Rugged cast aluminum housing, impeller, and flanges contribute to blower durability. All models can be customized with a wide range of options and accessories to satisfy particular application requirements.

Blower options include corrosion-resistant surface treatments and slip-on or face flanges, among others. Available accessories range from flowmeters (reading in SCFM), filters, and moisture separators to pressure and vacuum gauges, relief valves, specialized switches (air flow, pressure, vacuum, or temperature) and a variable frequency drive package