Product Announcement from AMPCO METAL


AMPCOLOY® 940 is a patented alloy which meets the demands of users of the RWMA class 3 alloys without Beryllium.

In the industrialized countries, stricter health and safety instructions on the use of noxious elements have forced AMPCO® to develop this new alloy. It replaces the AMPCOLOY® 95 in practically all applications.


AMPCOLOY® 940 is used wherever a good electrical or thermal conductivity is required together with high mechanical properties:

Electrode holders and seam welding shafts
Spot welding electrodes, seam welding discs, projection and butt welding dies, principally for stainless
steel and Monel
Plunger tips for cold chamber aluminium die casting machines
Parts of moulds for injection moulding of plastics, injection-nozzles and cooling pins
Brake drums for paper winding rolls.
Parts for energy engineering

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