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ServoCam® UltraTurn™ DL - Model SCNC2000-Image

The ServoCam® UltraTurn™ DL utilizes patented AMT CyberNet™ technology to precisely synchronize the CNC turret-slide and cross-slide brushless servomotor actuators. As a result, jobs run 50% to 90% faster than with custom cams. Upgraded machines also operate with Cpks that are from 3 to 5 times greater than conventional cam-operated machines.

Programming is intuitive -- if you know what tools you need in the turret, you can design a part cycle. The DL can be setup in about an hour. You can preset tooling and use the digital offsets to begin every setup in the middle of the tolerance range…all with the push a button.

The standard UltraTurn™ DL upgrade includes all slides and the spindle under CNC control, ServoCam® Designer software (CAM package), spindle indexing, variable spindle speeds, constant surface feet, and increased turret travel of 6.8". Replacing the transmission, chains, and spindle clutches results in 20% extra spindle speed, plus extremely fast acceleration.

Options for the DL machines are: Cross drilling, cross tapping, turret milling, offset drilling (z-axis), and DNC networked communication.

For further information on how to increase productivity and reduce manufacturing cost in your Brown & Sharpe department call 866-204-0660.

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