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ASME Energy Assessment Standards and Guidelines

Product Announcement from ASME

ASME Energy Assessment Standards and Guidelines-Image

ASME's EA-1 Standard establishes requirements for conducting energy assessments of process heating systems at industrial facilities.

Process heating systems -- commonly referred to using terms such as furnaces, melters, ovens and heaters -- use heat sources such as fuels, electricity, steam or other fluids to supply the required heat. This Standard sets the requirements for conducting and reporting the results of an energy assessment that considers the entire system, from energy inputs to the work performed as a result of these inputs.

You will be able to identify major opportunities for improving energy efficiency and performance throughout the process-heating system. Improving energy efficiency increases profitability and reliability for the plant, making better use of assets.

Many industrial facilities have the potential to increase the efficiency of their systems, but have difficulty doing so because there is no market definition for energy-efficiency assessment services:

  • How do energy-assessors determine the market value of their services?
  • How do facilities determine the relative quality of the services they receive?
  • How do both parties enter into mutually productive agreements?

Use of this Standard and accompanying Guidance Document should increase the quantity and quality of energy assessments performed, with significant potential savings in implemented energy costs.

Intended for energy managers, facility managers, plant engineers, maintenance managers, plant managers, environmental health and safety managers, plus others across a broad range of industries.

Also available: EA-1G Guidance Document provides technical background and application details. Other Standards and Guidance Documents address Pumping, Steam, and Compressed Air systems. Click here for more.