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Supertrak™ Pallet Conveyor

Product Announcement from ATS Automation

Assembly rates of 120 parts per minute. Multiple part programs on the same line. Finally, automation that's as fast as it is flexible. An unprecedented breakthrough in high-speed pallet-based conveyance, ATS Supertrak™ delivers entirely new levels of automation system productivity, and pays for itself in as little as 12 months.

Benefits & Features

True "power & free"
Fully programmable, independent precise control of pallet direction, acceleration, speed and position at any point around the system eliminates hard stops and pallet-to-pallet contact, reducing shock loads to parts being assembled, and facilitating auto-cueing at work stations. Built-in pallet ID eliminates the need for external RF or mechanical pallet tags and enables the supervisory network to know where the pallet is in real time.

Easy to spec, reusable
Supertrak™'s simple, modular design - with no sensors, actuators or mechanical drives - makes reconfiguring for new applications a reality. Fully integrated modules include all servodrives and controls and are extendable to over 40 meters. Using Supertrak™'s innovative Trackmaster control software, the system can be reprogrammed "on the fly", and because there are no lift & locates and less auxiliary equipment than conventional systems, retooling is greatly simplified.

Reduced materials inventory
Fast, easy reprogrammability with the ability to handle various pallet sizes allows for multiple programs on one line, facilitating shorter build-on-demand runs and the production of families of components with varying geometries.

Fast cycle times
Integrated x-axis operation eliminates the need for lift & locate, lift & transfer and auxiliary pick & place devices reducing cycle times to an absolute minimum. Pallet positioning is highly accurate for assembly processes such as screwdriving and liquid dispense.

Faster index times
Unloaded pallets can move independently between process stations at full acceleration and velocity.

More tooling options
Cantilever pallet design allows full multi-sided access to pallets and fixtures. Tooling can be placed both above and below pallets, enabling on-pallet assembly without the need for transfer devices.

Greater uptime
Few moving parts to wear and maintain.

Extremely clean & quiet
With few moving parts, the risk of contamination common with conventional belt- and chain-type conveyors is eliminated. Supertrak™ is extremely clean and operates at low noise levels of <70 dB.

Compact footprint
A fraction of the size of conventional conveyor-based systems.

Long service life
Urethane rollers on stainless steel tracks keep system clean and minimize wear for long life.