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Roller Bearing...Anti-Friction Cam Follower

Product Announcement from Accurate Bushing Company, Inc.

Accurate Bushing - The Smith anti-friction cam follower roller bearing was developed for use in cam or track roller applications. It is a full complement (non-caged) roller bearing with a thick outer race. This design permits a heavy load rating in a small package, and allows for a non-supported and line-loaded outer race. It is a precision low-cost unit, which is easily mounted and ideally suited for varied applications.

In addition to standard models, special bearings are manufactured to customer specification to meet unique applications. It is often found that the use of special bearings reduces machine costs and improves performance. The economic manufacturing volumes for these bearings are surprisingly low.

Materials and Finishes:

Cam follower materials and finishes are selected to provide a minimum of friction and to assure dependable performance for the required service life.

Outer Race -- High-carbon chrome bearing steel, through-hardened and ground.

Inner Race -- Low-carbon alloy steel, carburized, and deferentially hardened. A special heat treating process is used whereby progressive differential hardness provides maximum strength in the critically loaded raceway area. The threaded end is maintained in a softer condition, therefore, providing the best characteristics of a strong bolt, which is subject to tensile, shear and bending stresses. The race and stem are centerless ground.

Needle Rollers -- High-carbon chrome bearing steel, through-hardened ground and lapped.

Retaining Washers -- Low-carbon alloy steel, case-hardened and ground.

Mounting Cam Followers:

Proper cam follower mounting requires a snug fit between the stud and housing bore. Where feasible, the recommended bore sized shown in the dimensional tables should be followed. An arbor press is the preferred means of stud installation with pressure applied to the central area, not to the outer flange edges.

In positioning the cam follower, the end washer should be firmly backed up by a flat housing shoulder or surface of the machine member, which is square with the center line of the stud. The shoulder should be at least as large as the minimum boss diameter given in the tables. It is also important that alignment be maintained between the bearing axis and the cam or track surface to prevent edge loading of the bearing outer race. The dimensional tables list the recommended torque to be applied to the nut. Excessive torque, in particular with smaller sizes, may damage the internal elements. If the threads or nut are lubricated, the torque value should be reduced by one half.