Engineering Capabilities

Product Announcement from Accurate Bushing Company, Inc.


Extensive experience in their engineering department allows Smith Bearing® to work closely with endusers and OEMS (original equipment manufactures) in order to offer the best solution for their bearing requirements. Smith Bearing® engineers have extensive knowledge of available metallurgies so that they may offer customers their experience to determine the best suitable material for a special design and application. Smith manufactures bearings in a wide range of materials including high-carbon alloy steels, stainless steels, tool steels, and other exotic alloys


Smith Bearing® has the ability to manufacture a variety of custom bearing assemblies. Typically this entails the precision machining of a bearing housing and the assembly of needle or ball bearings into the housing. By controlling the entire design and manufacturing process of a custom order, Smith Bearing® guarantees the quality, performance, and delivery of an assembly. Smith Bearing® performs all aspects of such projects from design to finish including the machining process, applications of special coatings and plating, assembling and testing of the final product.