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Acopian Power Supplies - DC-DC Converters have the versatility to be used in a broad range of applications. Threaded mounting holes permit them to be mounted to a chassis, cabinet wall or bracket, or they may be used on a test bench or tabletop. Screw terminals provide easy connection without sockets or soldering.

Input/output isolation prevents ground loops, and permits the use of inputs of either polarity; outputs of single output models may be used in either polarity and floated up to 500 volts above the input. Short circuit and thermal protection, and rugged encapsulated construction, assure years of reliable service.

Single Output: 5 Vdc in Models Single Output: 12 Vdc in Models Single Output: 15 Vdc in Models Single Output: 24 Vdc in Models Single Output: 28 Vdc in Models

Dual Output: 5 Vdc in, 12 Vdc in, 15 Vdc in, 24 Vdc in and 28 Vdc in Models

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