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Acopian's line of low-profile switching power supplies has been expanded to include new smaller models (WL7 SERIES) with 450 watt outputs. All models have constant voltage/constant current crossover. Models with wide output voltage ranges can be adjusted down to 0 volts, and both voltage and current can be programmed with 0-10V control voltage inputs. Voltage and current monitor outputs and an inhibit terminal are included on the pluggable connectors that enable easy wiring of the control and input leads. Provisions for N+1 redundancy and paralleling for higher current are optional. Unlike competitive products with open construction or sheet metal covers, they are housed in extremely sturdy extruded aluminum cases.

Other features include universal input, PFC, 'soft start' operation, 'Vout ok' indicator and "no load" operation. They are 1.7" high, and so can be mounted on a rack panel as small as 1U. These supplies are appropriate for scientific research, analog instrumentation and development of 'green' power equipment.

The new models with nominal outputs from 3.3V/45.4A to 48V/9.4A are priced at $590.00. Wide adjust models with ranges from 0-5V/44A to 0-50V/9A are priced at $615.00. All models are covered by Acopian's five-year warranty.

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