Post-Construction Soundproofing Breakthrough

Product Announcement from Acoustiblok, Inc.

Post-Construction Soundproofing Breakthrough-Image

Acoustiblok-Wallcover is designed for post-construction soundproofing and is applied directly on top of an existing wall--a breakthrough in noise reduction! It's flexible, thin (approximately 5/16 of an inch thick) and available in 4" by 8" sections. The exposed surface is a fire-retardant silver fabric finish that can be finished just like drywall in any number of textured finishes, painted or covered with wallpaper.

Acoustiblok-Wallcover tranforms sound energy into mechanical friction energy creating a unique noise barrier on any wall. Made in the USA, and based on our core Acoustiblok product, the product is easily installed by a team of two people.

In laboratory testing a precisely built to code wall was acoustically tested. The SAME wall, after adding Acoustiblok-Wallcover revealed that in the 4000hz critical range, the Acoustiblok-Wallcover shows a dB reduction of an amazing 14dB. To the human ear this represents a reduction in noise of more than 60 percent.  For more info: Acoustiblok-Wallcover Soundproofing Material

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