Product Announcement from Acuity Incorporated

AC4020 Compensated Low Pressure Sensor Module-Image

The AC4020 series compensated pressure sensor is a new, extremely low-pressure product featuring the Acuity AC3050 and AC3030 low pressure die. The AC4020 is designed to operate with a Constant Current excitation. The device is calibrated at a 1.5 mA excitation.

The sensor is calibrated using a laser-trimmed passive restive network to provide both calibration and temperature compensation.

The AC4020 comes in 4 ranges - 10 mBar, 20 mBar, 50 mBar, and 100 mBar.

The AC4020 provides 25 to 75 mV output at rated pressure at 1.5 mA drive. The parts are calibrated over the 0 to 60 C temperature range. Because the compensation network is totally passive, the device can operate at higher or lower current drives with the output scaling proportionally to the current drive.

The small foot-print of the package allows easy positioning on printed circuit boards for imbedded OEM applications such as HVAC control and low-level respiration.

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