Adchem’s New 650 LSE Tape

Product Announcement from Adchem Corporation

Adchem’s New 650 LSE Tape -Image

Foam Bonding Study of 650 Family of Low Surface Energy Bonding Tapes

Adchem Corporation, a major supplier of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes for the automotive market, has released bonding studies of several adhesive tape systems to a variety of engineered plastics including TPO's, TPE's and TPV's. Adchem added its 650 family family of adhesive tapes designed for Low Surface Energy substrate bonding to these studies. The 650 series also demonstrates excellent foam bonding characteristics. Testing on Armacell's ECF-400 Foam shows destructive foam bonding characteristics, an important feature when a foam gasket requires good adhesion to a low surface energy component.

Adchem's double-coated, single-coated and unsupported adhesive tape systems coupled with its advanced engineering capabilities enables Adchem to develop high performance adhesive tapes for the most demanding applications.