Advanced Manufacturing Services' Equipment List

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Pick and Place

  • MyData MY 9 with Hydra High Speed Head
  • MyData TP9-UFP with Vision


  • Manix TSC-1008 10 zones Lead-free capable

Solder Paste Printer

  • Transition Automation PPS 20"x20"
  • Transition Automation PPS 24"x20"


  • Mantis Inspection System

Wave Soldering

  • Teamco LF-400B Tin/Lead Duel Wave
  • Teamco LF-400B Lead Free Duel Wave


  • Hakko Solder Stations
  • Hakko Desolder Stations
  • Pace SMT Rework Station

Lead Forming

  • GPD CF-8 Axial Component Lead Former
  • GPD CF-9 Radial Component Lead Former
  • Q Corp LOM II Lead Trimmer
  • Q Corp Vector Lead Trimmer


  • Branson Ultrasonic Cleaner 8510

Wire Prep

  • Komax KAPPA 210 cut and stripping machine
  • Komax Cosmic - 30


  • Fluke DVM's
  • Tektronix Oscilloscope's


  • BP Microsystems EP-1132
  • Microchip Picstart Plus
  • Needham's Electronics EMP-20

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