Crossguide Couplers

Product Announcement from Advanced Microwave Components, Inc.

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Crossguide Couplers

AMC offers a top of the line crossguide coupler that is used to sample the power traveling through a system. All AMC components are produced with the highest quality available. We insure our quality with an ISO9001 / AS9100 Quality System. Note all AMC-CGC models are made of copper or aluminum and include iridite/corrosion protection treatment. We offer a flat black paint that is our standard with all our units.

  • 2.6 - 18 GHz High Performance
  • 1.15 Typical VSWR
  • Male or Female Connectors
  • Mid-Band Nominal Coupling Values of 20-50 are standard.
  • Standard Material Copper or Aluminum (6061)

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