Product Announcement from Advanced Power Electronics Corp. USA

High Performance MOSFETs for Sync. Buck Converters-Image

The new AP6922GMT-HF-3 is a space-saving dual MOSFET for synchronous buck converter applications, with both the high-side (control) FET and low-side (synchronous) FET in one single 5x6mm PMPAK package. the AP6922GMT-HF-3 is a rugged device combining fast switching, low on resistance and cost-effectiveness. The control MOSFET (CH-1) has a drain-source voltage rating of 30V, a maximum on-resistance of 8.5m?, and a continuous drain current rating at 25degC of 15A, and has been chosen to optimise switching performance. The synchronous MOSFET (CH-2) also has a drain-source voltage rating of 30V and a continuous drain current rating at 25degC of 25.7A, with a maximum on-resistance of 3.8m? to minimise conduction losses. The reduced parasitic inductances as a result of the short internal conduction paths also contribute to improved performance.

Comments Ralph Waggitt, President/CEO, Advanced Power Electronics Corp. (USA): “The AP6922GMT-HF-3 is the first in a family of parts aimed at synchronous buck converter designs, improving the power density and simplifying the layout, saving space while keeping BOM cost low. The devices are packaged in an industry-standard 5x6mm package for easier board-level manufacturing, and are both RoHS-compliant and halogen-free to meet today’s environmental requirements.”

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