More Power MOSFETs in PMPAK®3x3

Product Announcement from Advanced Power Electronics Corp.

More Power MOSFETs in PMPAK®3x3-Image

Advanced Power Electronics Corporation's expanding family of power MOSFETS now includes a broader range of devices in the new PMPak®3x3, a RoHS-compliant 3mmx3mm 8-pin package offering improved thermal performance and on-resistance. N-channel, P-channel and Complementary N/P channel devices are now available, with Rds(on) down to 4.5mohms and are pin-compatible with other "power" DFN3x3 solutions in the marketplace. Some examples:

AP9430GYT-HF-3 N-channel 30V, Rds(on) 4.5mohms max.

AP09424GYT-HF-3 N-channel 30V, Rds(on) 6.5mohms max.

AP4435GYT-HF-3 P-channel 30V, Rds(on) 21mohms max.

AP4537GYT-HF-3 Complementary N/P-channel 30V, Rds(on) 30/60mohms max.

These products are all RoHS-compliant and halogen-free (HF).