Product Announcement from Advanced Power Electronics Corp. USA

Power MOSFETS in 10 Weeks-Image

Most products from Advanced Power Electronics Corp.'s expanding family of power MOSFETs are available today with around 10 weeks lead time for production. This includes parts in the PMPak®5x6 and PMPak®3x3 packages, along with MOSFET products in traditional packages such as SOT-23, SO-8, D-pak, TO-220 etc., and a broad range of linear regulators too. These products are all RoHS-compliant and available halogen-free (HF).

Established in 1998, APEC was the first company to successfully integrate the 6-inch DMOS process in Taiwan.

APEC provides total solutions for new power requirements in MOSFETs, IGBTs, and Power ICs. The company's products are broadly applied in the computing, consumer electronics, display, communications and industrial segments. APEC differentiates itself from its rivals by being chosen as a strategic partner by leading semiconductor firms, because of its relatively large economies of scale and the steady sales growth.

APEC's commitment to consistently improve performance, quality and increased economies of scale has enhanced the company's market position for MOSFET components globally.

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