Sinter Hip Vacuum Furnaces from Advanced Vacuum

Product Announcement from Advanced Vacuum Systems, Inc.

Sinter Hip Vacuum Furnaces from Advanced Vacuum-Image

AVS designs, manufactures, and services a full range of vacuum sinter/low pressure (sinter-HIP) furnaces. While major application of these systems is for tungsten carbide, systems with higher temperatures and pressures are also available for ceramics and other materials.

  • Single Cycle Debind/Sinter-HIP
  • Vacuum/Low Pressure HIP
  • Pressures from 20 to 100 Bar (1500 psi) Vacuum to 10-2 Torr
    Temperatures to: 1650°C - Tungsten Carbide; 2200°C - Ceramics; Laboratory to 17 Cubic Feet (472 liters)
  • Excellent Temperature Uniformity
  • Rapid Load & Unload
  • Advanced Binder Removal Systems
  • ACE™ Color Graphic Control and Data Acquisition System
  • Graphite Hot Zones
  • Recirculating Gas Cooling
  • Designed and Tested for Safety