Product Announcement from Cobham Slip Ring


Their most popular capsule, the CAY-110 is specified when long, reliable operation and compact size are the primary considerations. Featuring gold rings and matching spring temper gold alloy round wire brushes, these assemblies have proven themselves through many years of successful operation under a wide variety of operating loads and environmental conditions. A major aerospace company has successfully tested the assembly to the environmental parameters listed below, proving their ruggedness and reliability. All units are factory tested before shipment, and a copy of the test data is available with each unit upon request.


1. Contacts: Gold on gold
2. Ball Bearings: Stainless steel, double shielded
3. Housing: Aluminum
4. Shaft: Stainless steel type 303
5. Torque: 1.0 in oz. maximum (24 rings)
6. Speed: 750 rpm maximum (intermittent)
7. Life: 108 revs, minimum
8. Rotation: Bi-directional


1. No. of Rings: 30 maximum
2. Current: Signal level to 1 amp maximum per ring
3. Voltage: Up to 150 V.D.C.
4. Dielectric Strength: 1,000 volts rms (all combinations).
5. Contact Resistance: Less than a 5 milliohm change at maximum speed
6. Leadwire: #28 awg, 15" long minimum


1. Temperature: 54°C TO +110°C (INTERMITTENT)
2. Vibration: 5 HZ to 70 HZ @2G 70 HZ to 500 HZ @ 5G
3. Shock: 11 Milliseconds @ 15G
4. Acceleration: 6G
5. Altitude: 20,000 Ft.
6. Humidity: 95%
7. Fungus Resistant
8. Explosive Atmosphere Tolerant
9. Noise: Less than 10 milliohms after 2000hrs. @ 720 rpm