CAY-1847 Miniature Capsule Slip Ring Assembly

Product Announcement from Cobham Slip Ring

CAY-1847 Miniature Capsule Slip Ring Assembly-Image

Miniature Capsule Slip Ring Assembly

Featuring a .375" bore, this unit measures just 1.25" diameter by 1.27" long and is constructed of a high strength, durable thermoplastic frame. The bore can be used for shaft mounting or used for the passage of integrated cable lines.

The compact construction and multi contact ring/brush interface, allows all types of signal transmission, including Ethernet and data bus protocols. Precious metal contacts, precision machined rings, and precision ball bearings ensure the lowest electrical noise in its class while maintaining signal integrity over a broad array of demanding applications.

Mechanical Specifications
1. Frame: Thermoplastic
2 Bearings: Precision Ball Bearings
3. Operating Speed: 0-500 rpm
4. Contacts: Gold on Gold
5. Leadwire: # 26 AWG, Teflon Insulated, stranded conductor
6. Operating Temperature: 80°C max.
7. Rotation: Bi-directional

Electrical Specifications
1. No. of Circuits: 18
2. Current : 0-2 amp per ring *
3. Voltage: up to 210 VDC
4. Contact Resistance Variation: Less than 20 milliohms
5. Dielectric Strength: 500 VRMS, all combinations
6. Insulation Resistance: 500 megohms min. @ 500 VDC
*Circuits may be paralleled to double or triple current carrying capacity.