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Aerzen - Positive Displacement Blowers for Landfill, Biogas and Natural Gas.

The Aerzen Blower is known for its performance and reliability. There is no secret: Aerzen combines sound engineering, precision machining and good practice to enhance key features of the blower through the design of the accessories. For the biogas application, the blower stage features a gastight driveshaft seal with grease barrier. Depending on the humidity content of the gas conveying chamber seals and corrosion inhibiting Chem-Coat coating of the process wetted parts is availible. There are no absorbtion materials in the discharge silencer.

The blower package is comprised of the following key elements:

  • Absorption-type inlet silencer
  • Startup strainer installed upstream of the inlet silencer
  • The discharge, three-chamber reactive silencer is combined with the support base into one compact rugged unit: made from pressure vessel steel it forms a torsion resistant cylindrical vessel supporting the blower stage and other components.
  • The Aerzen DELTA motor swing plate attached to the base provides entirely AUTOMATIC tensioning of the belts by using the mass of the motor to maintain this tension with no need for adjustments or springs. This not only reduces maintenance, it also reduces the potential for operating with too little (burning belts) or excessive belt tension (wearing bearings).
  • Discharge check valve and pressure relief valve
  • Intake and discharge pressure gauge

Aerzen offers a variety of options such as construction materials, four (4) safety relief valve and bypass configurations, instrumentation, documentation, coolers, separators, etc.

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