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G-5 Delta Blower

Product Announcement from Aerzen USA Corp.

G-5 Delta Blower-Image

Aerzen Introduces the 5th Generation Delta Blower - G5 stands for the new series of blower units made by Aerzen. Delta Blower Generation 5 represents the successful combination of tradition and innovation. This new series offers five main advantages for customers.

Compared with the previous generation, sound levels of the new series have been reduced considerably; on average by 6 - 8 dB(A), and in some cases even more. Special attention was given to the fact that absorption material within the silencer elements is no longer necessary and therefore not used. Thanks to considerable sound reductions, costly measures such as special acoustic hoods are, in most cases, no longer needed.

During development of the new units, extra attention has been given to ease of handling of the machines. Easy handling starts with easy installation: The new design units can be easily transported at site by means of a four-wheel pallet truck and/or forklift. An integrated service package including jack, funnel and initial oil filling simplify the commissioning as well as further service tasks. The units are operated from the front. All components requiring maintenance are easily accessible from the operating side (front). There is also additional access from the rear of the unit.

One of the most important advantages is the new oil system. The oil level can be viewed and checked from outside of the unit while it is still in operation without any problem. Therefore, blower shutdown to verify the oil level and the associated process and production interruptions belong to the past.

A further distinct advantage for the end user is that absorption material is no longer being used in the base/discharge silencer of the Generation 5 unit in which the sound level is reduced by deflecting the airflow. Absorption material which is subject to degradation has not been used in any part of the unit. Therefore, the integrity and the performance of the discharge silencer is guaranteed to be maintained throughout the life of the blower. The downstream system cannot become contaminated when used for pneumatic conveying of bulk food materials. The integrity of the foodstuff is guaranteed. In the sewage treatment industry, the blockage of an aeration system can be avoided; costly maintenance expenditure is minimized and production losses are eliminated.

The ventilation of an Aerzen acoustic hood takes place via a mechanical fan which is installed on the blower shaft. Additional absorbed power and electrical installation costs can be avoided. The savings are considerable, especially in hazardous areas where explosion-proof components are required.

Furthermore, the new units have been constructed with space saving in mind. Dimensions of the smaller sizes have been reduced considerably. In addition, the installation option "Side-by-Side" is available. The size reduction can therefore lead to savings with smaller installation areas or blower rooms.

Further advantages of the Delta Blower Generation 5 result from use of the blower stage according to the Aerzen patent of integrated pulsation reduction, certification of the discharge silencer per PED guidelines, and as a spark arrester per ATEX, eliminating the need for a downstream spark arrester, for example for pneumatically conveying bulk materials forming explosive dust.

The intake is positioned to draw intake air from the coolest point within the unit. This guarantees optimal ventilation of the unit even at critical ambient temperatures, and thus contributes considerably to operating safety.

The Delta Blower Generation 5 is currently available for overpressure applications in nominal widths DN 80 up to DN 200. Further sizes and designs (negative pressure, gas, and nitrogen) are being prepared. All in all, 9 sizes are available for intake volume flows from approximately 35 icfm (60 m³/h) up to 2100 icfm (3,600 m³/h), and pressures up to 15 psig (1,000 mbar) depending on blower size. The entire Delta Blower series is comprised of 16 sizes with volume flows up to 8800 icfm (15,000 m³/h).

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