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Trying to Identify Failing Batteries?

Product Announcement from Albér

Trying to Identify Failing Batteries?-Image

The CRT-400, Alber's handheld Cellcorder utilizes the well-proven and patented DC Resistance Test to eliminate the guesswork when trying to identify a failing battery.

  • Designed specifically to comply with IEEE Recommended Practices for Battery Maintenance and Testing
  • DC Resistance Test proactively identifies failing batteries.
  • Designed for use in all industries.

What's New in the CRT-400

The Cellcorder CRT-400 is Alber's newest handheld cell voltage and resistance tester. This exciting addition to Alber's test, diagnostic and trending products measures and records cell float voltage, internal cell resistance, and intercell connection resistance.

Another exciting feature is a new USB port and Flash drive that allows quick transfer of data files to a computer. Using the Alber Battery Analysis Software, test results can be displayed and analyzed to determine battery state of health. The Flash drive also doubles as an interim storage device until test data is saved permanently.

Other features include a graphical reflective LCD display for better contrast, and new cables and clamps.

Accurate Data in a Fraction of Normal Test Time

The Cellcorder cell resistance tester displays and records cell float voltage, internal cell resistance, and intercell connection resistance. A compatible hydrometer lets you transfer specific gravity and temperature data using the IR port.

Use the Cellcorder on a single cell or multicell modules. The Flash drive allows virtually unlimited data storage. Use the Flash drive or IR port to transfer readings to a PC for analysis and report generation.

The high contrast, 128 x 64 pixel, backlit graphical display shows menus and test results. A fully charged Cellcorder can test for seven hours, and isolated operation helps ensure safety and makes the Cellcorder easy to move around.

Cellcorder Advantages

Low Cost - The Alber Cellcorder replaces three instruments that individually cost more than this one. Significant savings also result from taking more readings in less time and analyzing data faster.

Multicell Capability - The Cellcorder reads either single cells or multicell modules.

Reliable Readings - The Cellcorder performs even in high noise environments - without the need to disconnect the battery from service. Up to a 60 amp DC load (on 2V cells) is used to calculate internal cell resistance and intercell resistance. Circuitry rejects the 50Hz/60Hz ripple often troublesome to AC-based impedance and conductance meters.

The Cellcorder CRT-400 comes with a 256M Flash drive, resistance and voltage test leads, carrying case, AC charger, and data trending and analysis software. An optional printer is available.

The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc and any use of such marks by Alber is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners

 The Alber Advantage

Battery Testing. Doing it Right.

The Battery Test Experts  

Alber leads the industry with storage battery monitoring and test equipment.

  • Test, diagnostic and trending products.
  • Data acquisition systems.
  • Continuous load units.
  • Battery multimeters.
  • Single cell test systems.
  • Single cell chargers.
  • Battery monitoring systems.

Telephone, power and data centers that can't have power interrupted count on Alber equipment to ensure the integrity of their emergency power systems. Alber also offers battery maintenance and testing seminars.

For a monitor to achieve its main objectives, it must, as a minimum, monitor the following parameters:

  • Overall string voltage. Verify the charger has been set correctly and is operating properly.  
  • Cell voltages. Verify all cells are charging correctly.  
  • Ambient temperature. Verify the temperature environment is at or near optimum temperature for long life and maximum capacity.  
  • Internal cell resistance. Verify the state of health by identifying high resistance / low capacity cells.  
  • Intercell & Intertier resistance. Check the conduction path integrity and avoid possible fires and abrupt shutdowns.  
  • Load cycles. Check the number and depth of discharges. This information is used to project battery life and settle warranty issues.  
  • Real time data capture/display.  Have the capability of watching how your individual cells perform during a discharge test.

Alber is the only company today with a true, full functioning monitor that performs and monitors all of these key parameters.  The company’s success is built on these capabilities, their patented technology, and an unwavering focus on customer service.  A testimony to this success is their customer base, which reaches worldwide across all industries and includes the major data and financial centers, critical government facilities, telecommunications, nuclear, and utilities sites.

Knowledgeable and objective problem solving has earned Alber the respect of manufacturers throughout the standby power battery industry.

Alber is committed to educating and supporting the industry. Throughout the year, they conduct noncommercial battery seminars nationwide and also sponsor BATTCON – the largest annual stationary battery conference in the world.  Expert knowledge, objective problem solving, development of technology to meet specific user needs, and a standard of excellence have earned Alber respect throughout the standby battery industry.Visit the Battcon Web site.


All Alber Products

Alber offers a full line of Battery Test Equipment, Stationary Battery Monitors, Battery Diagnostic Systems, Capacity Test Systems, Resistance Testers, Hydrometers, Load Banks, and supporting Software.

Alber also offers battery training seminars for battery maintenance and battery testing.

Industry Solutions:

Albér offers an array of Data Center Battery Monitoring and Maintenance Solutions that are essential to maintaining your data center's reliability. Today's need for immediate and constant data transfer leaves little room for server downtime. Your backup batteries are your main line of defense when the grid fails. Monitoring their health keeps you keenly aware of how well your system will weather a power disruption. Ready, reliable, and tested – you can trust our best-in-class monitoring solutions.

Albér offers a full line of Telecommunications Battery Maintenance and Monitoring solutions that meet or exceed today's telecomunications network demands. As the global need for mobile services continues to increase, the need to keep the supporting infrastructure up and running equally increases. Proactively monitoring your backup system's health gives you the ability to react decisively prior to a system failure.  Ready, reliable, and tested – you can trust our best-in-class monitoring solutions

Albér offers a ful line of Utility Battery Maintenance and Monitoring solutions .From small to large facilities, our products are designed to be scaleable and adaptable They enhance regulatory compliance in helping to meet the testing and documentation requirements of the NERC Protection System and Maintenance Testing Standard PRC005-1   Ready, reliable, and tested – you can trust our best-in-class monitoring solutions

Albér offers a full line of Battery Maintenance and Monitoring solutions which specifically address  Industrial  stationary battery applications. Sophisticated manufacturing lines driven by data from racks of servers cost you money when they're idle. When power is disrupted, you want to know that your downtime will be minimal, and your backup batteries will respond when they should.  Our solutions will keep you intimately aware of battery condition leveraging your ability you to proactively protect your investment .  Ready, reliable, and tested – you can trust our best-in-class monitoring solution.


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