Torque: Fact or Friction

Product Announcement from Alcoa Fastening Systems

Torque: Fact or Friction-Image

To prove that consistent torque does not equal consistent clamp when installing fasteners, Huck engineers used a Skidmore-Wilhelm machine specifically designed to test clamp values of nuts and bolts.  After testing a variety of fasteners, they found, without fail, that conventional torqued-on nuts and bolts do not deliver consistent clamp. In fact, there is as much as a 40% variance in the clamp values of the same torqued-on nut and bolt.  On the other hand, the Huck BobTail® offered only a 2% variation in clamp values, from HuckBolt to HuckBolt.  Using direct tension and swaging, only Huck offers consistent clamp, and a stronger joint.


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