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Economical Type 4 Safety Light Curtain-Image

Perimeter Access safety light curtains with 30 meter range. The Integrated Laser Alignment System is used to simplify set up and installation in longer range applications or when corner mirrors are used for multiple-sided guarding.

GuardShield Safe 4 PAC safety light curtains are presence sensing devices designed for use on or around hazardous machinery providing perimeter and access guarding.

The GuardShield™ Safe 4 PAC safety light curtain is a self-contained, optically-synchronized, two-box safety light curtain. Available in a two segment pair with a 600mm protected height or a 3 segment pair with a 840mm protected height, these PAC light curtains can be used as an opto-electronic fence or for access guarding at the entry or exit end of a machine process


  • Integrated Laser Alignment System — visible top and bottom laser helps installation and adjustment if misaligned during use
  • 2 segment and 3 segment systems
  • 30 meter operating range
  • Quicker, easier installation
  • Optically synchronized
  • 5 Pin M12 connectors
  • IP65 for a variety of application environments
  • A global safeguarding solution that meets IEC61496 and UL61496 and is CE marked by TÜV
  • Ordered as pairs (transmitter and receiver) and shipped under a single catalog number

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