Kerrigan-Lewis™ Specialty Wire

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Specialty wire for unique applications

Litz wire
Litz wire reduces AC losses in conductors from skin and proximity effects at high frequencies to make transformers and motors more efficient. It consists of individually insulated strands woven or twisted in a specific pattern so that each tends to occupy all possible positions in the cross section. This equalizes flux linkages and reactances so that current is evenly divided among the strands for increased current-carrying efficiency.


  • High-frequency inductors and transformers
  • Motors
  • Relays
  • Inverters
  • Power supplies
  • Ultrasonic and sonar equipment
  • Heat-induction equipment
  • High-twist applications, up to 300 turns per foot

Kerrigan-Lewis™ litz wire is available in a wide range of configurations to meet specific operating frequencies, voltages, and current-carrying capacities. Individual strands range from 50 to 16 AWG, with anywhere from a few strands to thousands in the wire. Besides traditional round conductors, we also offer space-saving square and rectangular cross sections for maximum copper density.

Some popular configurations include 60 strands of 36 AWG, 100 strands of 38 AWG, and 2100 strands of 36 AWG.

Resistance wire
Kerrigan-Lewis resistance wire achieves high-tolerance resistive values with a copper-nickel alloy. Standard configurations are 55% copper/45% nickel for a resistance of 294 ohms per circular mil-foot and 78% copper/22% nickel for a resistance of 180 ohms, with others available. We offer the wire in sizes from 40 AWG to 25 AWG to meet specific resistance and current-carrying needs.

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