Allen-Sherman-Hoff Fly Ash System Parts

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As a boiler and environmental systems OEM, Alstom is well positioned to support your need to improve the performance, reliability and availability of your Allen-Sherman-Hoff® fly ash components.

Alstom capabilities include:

  • Fly ash system design
  • Fly ash system studies
  • In-kind replacement components
  • Upgraded components
  • Technical Services

All parts are factory new and warranted. Our in-kind replacement parts have accurate fit, form and function. Parts are available individually, as part of a kit or included in an Inventory Management Program.

Pressure System Components


The airlock is the main component in a dilute phase, pressure type, pneumatic conveying system. Airlocks provide a gravity transfer of fly ash from one pressure zone to another.

Alstom provides in-kind replacement parts and upgrades for the Allen-Sherman-Hoff Style l and Style lll airlocks.

  • Style l Eight-Inch Airlock Deck Plate Assembly
    The deck plate assembly is the primary component of the airlock and is where most wear occurs. The dimensions of Alstom's deck plate match those of the OEM and therefore the parts are interchangeable. Alstom also offers two material upgrades to increase the wear life of these components.
  • Style lV Airlock Conversion Kit Assembly
    Alstom's Style IV Airlock Conversion Kit allows owners of Style 1 airlocks to upgrade to a self-lapping, longer lasting, round gate design without replacing the entire airlock.
    The round gate design provides a tighter seal that is less likely to leak over time.
  • Style lll Five Inch Airlock Valve Assembly
    Alstom offers replacement parts for the Allen-Sherman-Hoff Style III airlock. The Style III utilizes an aeration stone which allows air to percolate through the overhead ash and keep it fluid.

Equalizing Valves

Equilizing valves are used to pressurize and vent an airlock so that ash can flow from a lower pressure vessel to a higher pressure vessel.

  • Two Inch Equalizer Valve Assembly
    Alstom offers replacement components and complete assemblies for the Allen-Sherman-Hoff two inch equalizer valve.

Vacuum System Components

Material Handling Valves

Material handling valves are used in vacuum systems to feed fly ash from the outlets of electrostatic precipitators, baghouses, economizers or other collection systems into a conveying line.

  • Type "E" Valve Assembly
    Alstom offers "in kind" replacement parts and complete assemblies to replace the Allen-Sherman-Hoff Type E valve used in vacuum fly ash systems.
    Type E valves can be used with abrasive powders and feature continuous horizontal discharge, a low profile design, and air cylinder operation.

Auxiliary System Components

IMPACTALLOY Pipe and Fittings

IMPACTALLOY™ Pipe and Fittings are used in both pneumatic and hydraulic material conveying systems.

IMPACTALLOY™ products are designed to withstand the constant impact of abrasive material within your piping system. The alloys used in the manufacturing process provide a tough, dense, close-grained structure that is highly temperature and oxidation resistant. Tensile strength

  • Integral Wear-Back (IWB) Fittings
    • One piece design
    • Extra thick wall in the area of highest wear provides longer life
    • Cast in white iron or Ni-Hard for increased wear resistanceSupplied in standard 45 and 90 elbows, laterals, and tees with custom bend angles available
  • Removable Wear-Back (RWB) Fittings
    • Two piece design
    • Removable wear-back located where most of the wear occurs
    • Replace only the wear-back; an economical choice versus a total fitting replacement
    • Body cast in white iron
    • Replaceable wear-back cast in Ni-Hard
    • Supplied in standard 45 and 90 degree elbows and 45 degree laterals

Line Isolation Valve Assembly

The Alstom Line Isolation Valve is a replacement for Allen-Sherman-Hoff's segregating slide valve with the additional feature of a replaceable seat.

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