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ALSTOM combines its expertise in power generation engineering with the experience of Ferro Corporation in mechanically-interlocked, adhesively bonded ceramics. The result is DYNAWEAR™ Ceramic Products that extend component wear life and reduce maintenance.

DYNAWEAR™ Ceramic Products are for static fuel piping and burner applications regardless of equipment brand. DYNAWEAR Coal Piping incorporates high-density ceramics to provide a service life up to 15 times longer than standard materials extending spans between outages and reducing your material and labor costs.

Key Features

  • High-density, 1" thick engineered alumina tiles
  • Fine-grained 90% alumina with unique molecular structure
  • Tiles are mechanically interlocked longitudinally and circumferentially across a staggered joint layout ensuring optimum wear performance and installation integrity
  • Original ID of the piping is maintained allowing for direct replacement with no impact on pressure drop
  • Maximum miter design achieves a virtually smooth radius bend to eliminate surface area constraint, resulting in a smooth flow that reduces premature wear and maintains pressure drop
  • Casings feature 3/8" minimum wall thickness carbon steel material and full penetration welds to meet design pressure requirements
  • Available in all sizes, lengths and bend radii, including compound bends
  • All varieties of end connections offered
  • Deflector blocks of solid ceramic alumina tiles are available

Call Alstom and ask about Product Information Bulleting (PIB) 212.

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