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Coal Nozzle Tips for Coal-Fired Boilers-Image

Alstom's new pivot pin for the T-PRO™ coal nozzle is designed to save time and money. The hardened pivot pin with outward-facing slot allows for tool insertion and removal of the nozzle tip from the furnace side. By eliminating the removal of the stationary coal nozzle, changing out the full tip typically takes less than 30 minutes with two people compared to a team that might take all day.

Customer Benefits

  • Furnace-side removable
  • Reduced labor: 2 workers vs. 3-4
  • Reduced replacement time: 1 man hour vs. 30-50 man hours
  • Improved safety

Key Features

  • Low profile
  • Hardened surface
  • Slot for pivot pin removal
  • Special tool included
  • Easily retrofitted to most coal compartment assemblies

Powering Your Plant Performance
Alstom's T-PRO™ Nozzle Tip Pivot Pin is another example of the Alstom
commitment to provide products and services that extend equipment life cycle,
improve availability and decrease the total cost of ownership.

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