Flame Scanner for Boilers

Product Announcement from GE & Alstom Power

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The LIMELIGHT™ Exacta™ Flame Scanner is an upgraded design for several generations of legacy scanners. It can be provided as an in-kind component upgrade for existing equipment or as a new complete flame scanning system.

Customer Benefits

  • Compatible replacement of legacy systems and uses existing plant wiring
  • Superior flame detection, reduced nuisance trips and increased sensitivity for better low-load performance
  • Compatible with existing guide pipes and air systems
  • Rugged design for long service life and reliability

Alstom has provided reliable flame detection technology for decades. The LIMELIGHT™ Exacta Flame Scanner continues that legacy by incorporating the latest in digital signal processing and communication capabilities. 

Flame scanners are a crucial part of a boiler’s safety system. They identify potentially dangerous “flame out” conditions when ignition has ceased and the continued addition of fuel could cause a furnace explosion.

Flame scanners must be extremely dependable, perform consistently and be
built for long lasting service,

Depending on the fuel being fired, it can be provided with a flame detection head that
is sensitive to the following bands of light:

  • UV – Ultraviolet Light
  • VL – Visible Light
  • BR – Visible and Infrared Light
  • FS –  Ultraviolet, Visible and Infrared Light

The LIMELIGHT™ Exacta Flame Scanner consists of a Flame Sensor Head (FSH) and Flame Signal Analyzer (FSA) and is available for utility and industrial main flame and ignitor applications.


  • Wide variety of detector heads available to prove flames
  • Wide dynamic range for improved low-load performance
  • MODBUS port, as well as multiple 4-20ma outputs, enable remote monitoring of scanner
  • Simple, user-friendly interface allows local configuration of scanner without a PC
  • Software available that allows configuration of all scanners from a central locatioN
  • RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) environmental compliant
  • Scanner certified to meet the requirements of CSA, CE Mark, ATEX intrinsic safety, and SIL 2


  •  Provides an upgrade path for legacy SafeScan, SafeFlame, and DFS scanners
  • Backwards compatibility enables partial upgrades
  • Simple, robust design uses state of the art SMT components
  • Provides years of reliable service under harsh operating conditions
  • Use of high precision components eliminates the need for periodic calibration

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