Gas and Oil Firing Equipment for Utilities

Product Announcement from GE & Alstom Power

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Gas and Oil Firing Equipment for Utilities

Alstom offers a full array of new and replacement components supporting Gas firing in your unit. If your unit does not presently burn gas, Alstom can design, install and commission a new system per your operating requirements. If your system is not operating or performing properly, Alstom’s Technical Service engineers can evaluate unit performance and make recommendations for modifications, upgrades, and equipment replacement priorities.

Our parallel pipe oil gun is quality enginnered and manufactured for maximum operator safety and the longest service life. It is designed for mechanical, steam or air atomization of oils. Directly interchangeable with many of Alstom’s previous oil guns, it has a stationary union and removable assembly. The stationary union terminates the oil and atomizing medium piping trains and clamps the removable assembly in position. The removable assembly consists of a union from which two pipes run side by side and then connect into the nozzle body. This connection is completely seal welded
to eliminate the possibility of leaks.

The Alstom portfolio of Gas and Oil Firing equipment consists of the following performance products:

  • Gas spuds
  • Gas piping
  • Parallel pipe oil gun
  • EVER-KOOL™ oil gun
  • Oil gun retract mechanism
  • Oil gun spray tips
    • mechanical
    • steam atomization
    • air atomization
  • Three-piece nozzle assemblies
  • Two-piece stationary union
  • Flex hoses
  • Diffuser vanes
  • Nozzle tips