LIMELIGHT Boiler Data Advisor for Power Plants

Service Detail from GE & Alstom Power

LIMELIGHT Boiler Data Advisor for Power Plants-Image

The LIMELIGHT Boiler Data Advisor predicts | equipment failures and
detects excursions from normal plant operating conditions hours or even days
before a conventional distributed control system (DCS) can trigger alerts.
The Boiler Data Advisor provides the deepest insight into plant performance, quickly and accurately locating the cause of impending failures.

The LIMELIGHT Boiler Data Advisor provides | maintenance and
performance engineers, plant operators and maintenance personnel the time
to take preventive action, thus avoiding costly downtime, equipment damage, or reduced efficiency.

Customer Benefits

  • Increased profitability
    • Early detection leads to increased availability, reduction of forced outages, and mitigation of collateral damage
  • Higher performance
    • Patented methods provide the earliest warning about operational abnormalities
  • Improved safety
    • State-of-the-art technology helps diminish the potential for catastrophic failures
  • Fewer unplanned outages
    • Facilitates better preventive maintenance decisions

Key Features

  • Detects equipment problems at an early stage that do not trigger control system alerts
  • Provides intuitive two dimensional visualization of historical plant processes
  • Supports OPC integration
  • Adjusts to changing set points and loads by using online adaptive learning
  • Verifies instrument operation and calibration
  • Utilization of ASME performance Test Codes as well as ASME steam and water tables

Intuitive User Interface

The information displayed in the user interface includes graphical views,alert logs, and navigation buttons to show plant hierarchy. The graphical views include:

  • Multivariate space views
  • Alerts vs. time
  • Totalizers vs. time

The Boiler Data Advisor provides two display modes:

1) The operator mode provides views that enable the user to get a snapshot of the plant operation and performance.

2) The engineer mode displays all the modeled sensors in a tree and branch format. Users can analyze all the modeled processes to discover the cause of deviations.

User Interface Features

  • Arrangement by equipment and systems
  • Drill-down hierarchical presentation
  • Clear visualization of plant conditions
  • Plots of plant sensor valves and calculations
  • Process dynamics that are easy to interpret
  • Analysis and diagnosis by plant personnel