PV-PRO™ Upgrade for MPS89 Pulverizers

Product Announcement from GE & Alstom Power

PV-PRO™ Upgrade for MPS89 Pulverizers-Image

PV-PRO™ 89 System – Superior Performance is just weeks away

As the world's leading supplier of parts and services for coal pulverizing systems, Alstom is well qualified to help you extend your operating hours and increase pulverizer performance. The PV-PRO 89 System is an integrated Performance, Recovery and Optimization (PRO) system for your MPS®-type pulverizers.

The PV-PRO 89 System is designed to:

1 | manage and reduce pulverizer wear to extend operation time between outages,

2 | Improve coal fineness to facilitate in-furnace emissions reduction,

3 | maximize pulverizer capacity to improve your operational flexibility with a wider range of coal types, without shutting down your pulverizer for adjustment.

ROTATING THROAT UPGRADE - improves efficiency and extends pulverizer life

Alstom rotating throat features wing tips that are designed to lower pressure drop and reduce erosion causing turbulence. A shallow angle directs air strategically into the grinding area, optimizing air flow for better coal transport and pyrite rejection. Proper wing spacing, which lowers the coal velocity within the pulverizer, along with chrome carbide liner plates, inhibit wear, resulting in extended pulverizer life.

Alstom's flexible design accommodates worn pulverizers with out-of-round housings and out of-center rotating assemblies. Because they are welded to the ring seat and pulverizer housing, not bolted, Alstom's rotating throat assemblies are easy to install and maintain. And segments do not fall out of alignment.


  • Lower coal rejects
  • Lower pressure drop
  • Reduced pulverizer wear
  • Improved coal transport

LOW PROFILE GRINDING ZONE- Peak performance from Day 1

Alstom has perfected the low profile grinding zone With A 20% larger grinding area. This means coal recirculates less for more efficient operation and better "first run yield"classification. Unlike competitive standard designs that don't reach peak performance until 50% of wear life, the Alstom grinding system is at peak performance the moment you start operating, with the same or better wear life.


  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced pulverizer erosion
  • Extended time between outages


Alstom's proprietary adjustable static classifier allows operators to adjust the classification setting externally. Adjustments can be made while the pulverizer is operating to account for factors such as differing coal types and pulverizer wear. Ease of adjustment allows consistent coal fineness over the life of the pulverizer. The inverted extended cone design eliminates moving parts for improved fineness. No flapper doors to come loose, jam or fall off. Alstom uses advanced CFD modeling techniques to create the most efficient and smooth flow of coal through the entire pulverizer.


  • Easy adjustment
  • Better performance
  • Lower maintenance than any other design

PV-PRO 89 System - a system approach to more efficient, longer running pulverizers

  • CFD modeling facilitates a "systems"' approach to designing components that work in coordination for more efficient pulverizer operation
  • system performance and components proven in the field
  • PV-PRO 89 system features parts easily and typically replaced during pulverizer overhauls, helping to avoid unnecessary incremental costs
  • short installation and lead times, that lead to superior operation

® MPS is a registered trademark of Hitachi Power Europe GmbH