Pulverizer eTool Mill Monitoring System

Product Announcement from GE & Alstom Power

Pulverizer eTool Mill Monitoring System-Image

Alstom's Pulverizer eTool™ Mill Monitoring System can alert the operator of irregularities in mill operation comparing historical data from the plant control system to real time data from multiple instruments attached to the mill. All of this data is monitored 24/7 to improve operating performance and warn of potential component failures within the mill.

Customer Benefits

  • Improves safety
  • 24 / 7 Monitoring of pulverizer conditions
  • Reduces incidents of catastrophic failure
  • More effective preventative maintenance
  • More effective outage planning
  • Intuitive User Interface

User Interface Features Pulverizer eTool™ Mill Monitoring System provides the following displays:

  • Snapshot of pulverizer operation
  • Trends view
  • History view
  • Rough operation
  • Probable cause for rough operation (eg. tramp iron, spring failure)

The information displayed includes pulverizer health, alert logs, input values and graphical views of both real time and historical data.The user interface panel can be local to the mill bay or in a remote location based on customer preference.

Key Features

  • Detects equipment problems at an early stage
  • Monitors the degradation of bearings
  • Adjusts to changing set points
  • Verifies journal spring preload and journal to journal spring balance
  • Expandable platform allows for additional sensors to be added