Upgrades for Boilers Using Stock® Feeders

Product Announcement from GE & Alstom Power

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Over 2000 replacement parts for STOCK® coal feeders

As the alternative OEM for STOCK Feeder parts, the Alstom/Merrick team is well positioned to support your need to improve performance, availability, and reliability as well as safety.

Any of the parts described below can be supplied individually, as part of a kit, or included in an Inventory Management Program.

Improving performance, availability and reliability of STOCK feeders


The Main Drive and Cleanout Drive Upgrade Systems are economical replacements for the outdated eddy current clutch/torque limiter clutch and motor system, and the leaky gearboxes of the OEM's design. They improve the reliability and performance of the feeder, as well as correct an inherent "designed-in" oil leak problem that can pose a safety risk.

These systems were designed to be integrated, thus allowing you to keep the majority of your existing inventory of spare parts. The variable frequency drive (VFD) allows for increases in capacity at no additional cost by a simple programming change.

The Main Drive Upgrade Systems components:

  • Direct drive Sumitomo reducer with adapter
  • A/C inverter duty motor
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for control of motor speed
  • Speed encoder


  • Variable speed motor replaces main drive reducer
  • Includes new variable speed drive
  • Reuses existing parts when possible

The Cleanout Drive Upgrade Systems components:

  • Direct drive Sumitomo reducer with adapter
  • A/C constant speed motor
  • Electronic shear pin relay

2. Cleanout Drive Upgrade

The Cleanout Drive Upgrade includes an electronic shear pin relay with a NO/NC output contact. The electronic shear pin is a DIN Rail mounted relay, which is easily calibrated for the motor current overload.

The instant that a current overload condition occurs, the shear pin will trip, which will stop the drag chain drive motor. It will also close the auxiliary contact, which can be connected to the Boiler Control System to let the operators know that the drag chain has stopped due to an overload.

The existing system typically does not provide this type of electronic failure indication. The electronic shear pin will mount into the existing cabinet next to the drag chain motor starter and is wired between the motor starter and the cleanout gearbox upgrade.

The shear pin can be easily reset by pushing the reset button, once the condition has been cleared.

The Cleanout Drive Upgrade Systems components:

  • Direct drive Sumitomo reducer with adapter
  • A/C constant speed motor
  • Electronic shear pin relay


  • Constant speed motor replaces cleanout drive – either LH or RH
  • Interfaces with all existing internal components
  • Includes Electronic shear pin relay

3. GENETIX Touch Screen Controller

The GENETIX Touch Screen Controller is the world's first touch screen process controller specifically designed for weighing applications. It replaces most conventional gravimetric relay control systems, and will ensure that the coal feeding process is consistently accurate, reliable and repeatable.

The design utilizes the most advanced technology available in the industry. It provides for easy integration into many classic boiler control systems or the more advanced DCS. The graphic LCD touch-screen display enables user-friendly operation, presents and communicates data in an organized and efficient manner.

The GENETIX Process Controller can be configured for virtually all feeding requirements including:

  • Gravimetric control for feeder systems
  • Static weighing and belt scale integrators
  • Continuous or batching loss-in-weight feeders
  • Continuous or batching belt feeders

Key Features:

  • User friendly interface:
    • On screen help
    • Built in simulator
    • Function key validation
  • Integrated Electronics Package
  • Sensor Monitoring and Graphic Trending
  • Data Highway Capable
  • Critical Component Redundancy

4. Weigh Suspension System Upgrade for Belt Feeders

Merrick's Weigh Suspension System upgrade with load cell and adjustable idler bracket, which is used in conjunction with a Merrick or STOCK microprocessor, provides an accurate, calibrated fuel weight/rate to the boiler or coal handling system.

The adjustable idler bracket uses the existing weigh roller, and it allows the roller to be removed easily without the use of tools.


  • Electronic load cell replaces mechanical system and reduces maintenance
  • Improves accuracy for a more repeatable signal
  • Simple design
  • Microprocessor adjusts the speed of the belt based on load of material on belt

Benefits to User

  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Improves efficiency with tighter control
  • Improves reliability

5. Adjustable Leveling Bar

This easy-to-install Adjustable Leveling Bar Upgrade replaces old mechanical leveling bar systems with a turnbuckle assembly. All internal leveling components are retained as well as the original level indicator. The simple design requires no field welding and installs in less than one hour as compared to the OEM design which requires welding and takes eight to ten hours to install.


  • Uses existing internal leveling bar components
  • Fast installation
  • No field welding
  • Simple and reliable

Benefits to User

  • Low cost of installation
  • Easy to install

6. Roller Belt Support Assembly

Alstom's Roller Belt Support Assembly is an upgrade to the slider-bed belt support on selected Stock coal feeders. The Alstom product is designed to provide years of trouble-free service.

In most cases the original slider-bed belt support pan requires regular replacement. This pan is known to develop wear holes that have the potential to damage the feeder belt itself.

Alstom's roller system is designed for less friction and, thus, less wear against the feeder belt. Not only is damage to the feeder belt eliminated, less horsepower is required to move the feeder belt.

Additionally, Alstom's roller belt support assembly allows the coal feeder to calibrate more quickly. No physical or hardware changes are required to install Alstom's roller belt support assembly. Alstom's drop-in idler unit uses five (5) special rollers with bearings located within the assembly's support frame. These bearings are permanently sealed. The rollers can be replaced without disassembling the tail end of the coal feeder and removal of the entire belt. Once the support frame is installed, it should never need replacement.

The roller belt support assembly is a design used by Merrick Industries, Inc. for more than 50 years on all of its belt feeders.


  • Eliminates wear to the coal feeder belt
  • Less horsepower required to move the feeder belt
  • Enables faster calibration of coal feeder
  • Rollers can be replaced without disassembly of the tail end of the coal feeder and removal of the belt

Benefits to User

  • Improves reliability
  • Reduces operational cost
  • Improves availability

7. Replacement Parts for STOCK Coal Feeders

Over 2000 replacement parts for STOCK coal feeders


  • High quality
  • OEM warranty
  • Custom outage kits available
  • Incorporate into Inventory Management Programs

Benefits to User

  • A low risk, high value supplier of replacement parts for STOCK feeder equipment

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