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Teflon® is a tradename for a family of fluoropolymer resins first developed by The DuPont the 1950's. Since the 1950's a variety of new fluoropolymer & fluoroplastic resins have been developed by other producers. Many of these new resins are superior in performance over the original materials.

ALTAFLUOR® Tubing is available in a wide assortment of fluoropolymer & fluoroplastic resins including: PTFE, FEP, PFA, UHP PFA, KYNAR PVDF & KYNAR FLEX PVDF, MFA, THV, ETFE, ECTFE. ALTAFLUOR Tubing products possess extremely smooth surface finishes which result in less area for particle entrapment. This reduces the chance of batch contamination, which results in increased productivity due to less downtime for cleaning.

Available in sizes ranging from .030" ID to 3" OD, these materials can withstand even the most agressive environments. Although each material has its own unique properties, each is odorless, chemically inert, non-contaminating, and capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 500 F (PTFE, PFA & UHP PFA - lower for other materials). These products are available in long continuous lengths provided on plastic clean-room compatible reels or in coils packaged in clean polybags. All ALTAFLUOR Tubing products are FDA & USP Class VI compliant making them ideal for food process, pharmaceutical and biotech applications. These materials can be provided in smooth-bore tubing, pipe or convoluted versions. Additional options include: formed coils, bonded tubing, heat-shrink, colors, laser marked.

Teflon®is a registered trademark of the Dupont Company. Altaflo does not use Teflon® or other Dupont resins. See our catalog for details.

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Literature and samples are available. For details contact: ALTAFLO Customer Service PH: 973-300-3344or Fax: 973-300-3345.

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