Newly Designed FM Series of Foot Switches

Product Announcement from Altech Corp.

The FM series foot switches are ideal for light or medium duty applications and especially medical applications. The compact, sturdy but small, ABS housing is designed to meet all the different contact and switch insert configurations.

This series has many features, such as maintained and two stage momentary contacts, two different colors, and two protection levels. It also offers a variety of flexibility and alternatives already in the standard versions.

The wide range of options include:

  • Housing: Black Polyamide and pedal cover
  • Protection Level: IP 43 and IP 65
  • Switch Insert: Snap action microswitch, UL/CSA approved      
  • Electrical Rating:  5A/125-250V AC
  • Contact Types: Momentary, maintained, or two stage momentary      
  • Circuit: SPDT-SB, DPDT-SB, 2x SPDT-SB
  • Strain Relief:  PP Cable Gland
  • With or Without Cable
  • Cable: Multi conductor, PVC, SJT, 2 m (6 ft. - 6 in.)                                    
  • Temperature Range: -20°C up to +80°C (-4°F up to +176°F)

The standard and optional features together provide various application possibilities:
Foot switches are typically used when hands-free operation is required or when the hands are needed to perform a separate task while the machine or device must be started or stopped, or the machine requires manipulation in other ways. Application examples would be:

  • Conveyor belt in supermarket
  • Sewing machine in textile factory
  • Control of dentistry tools
  • Operation of logical or digital signals


  • Protection Level: up to IP68
  • Switch Insert:
    • Gold plated contacts for low current applications
      Electrical Rating: 0.1A/125V AC
    • Silver-Nickel plated contacts
      Electrical Rating: 10.1A, (1/4HP)/125-250V AC
  • Strain Relief:
    • Standard straight-through (IP 68)
    • Bend protection (IP 68)
    • Trumpet Pull/Bend protection (IP 68)
  • Cable:
    • Shielded cable
    • Per customer specifications
  • Connectors:
    • Per customer specifications
  • IEC 60601-1 certified
  • Metal Top Guard or Heavy Metal Base

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