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Video-Adapt Quickly to Changing Ethernet Protocols

Product Announcement from Altera Corporation

Video-Adapt Quickly to Changing Ethernet Protocols-Image

Video: 3 Ways to Quickly Adapt to Changing Ethernet Protocols
Featuring the Industrial Networking Kit

Can you quickly adapt your designs to changing Industrial Ethernet protocols? Are you meeting growing performance needs? Watch the video on this page to see how the Industrial Networking Kit and flexible, low-power FPGAs can help you meet these challenges in embedded industrial applications.

You'll discover three ways to quickly adapt to evolving Ethernet protocols. Learn about:

  • The flexibility to change your design to keep up with the standards.
  • Design integration with your choice of intellectual property (IP) and software stacks.
  • Performance scaling through embedded processing.

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Video: Three Ways to Quickly Adapt to Changing Ethernet Protocols